The Many Prophesies of Mother Shipley From The Reign of Bloody Mary to the End of the World

Mother Shipton is a fascinating 16th Century prophetess and contemporary of Nostradamus.

In the continuing series of end times predictions I left out the prophesies of Mother Shipton purposely because she is very much in the news today.  Again, this series is a psychological series dealing with people who have influenced the thinking of humankind with their end times theories. Most of the theories presented so far were religious towards the end of the series more scientific series will be presented as well.

Who was Mother Shipton?

Mother Shipton was a woman born in 1488 as Ursula Sontheil and lived in Norfolk, England. She lived in the same times as the great Nostradamus. She was a woman, so of course she did not have the influence in the Royal Court as he did, nor did she have the education.  Women were not allowed an education in those days, so Shipton lacked the medical and scientific knowledge that he had.

It is said that she was very ugly yet she was still able to marryToby Shipton in 1512.  Some of her predictions which were said to have come true were, dissolution of the Catholic Church , Great Fire in London, Cardinal Wolsey’s demise, the death of Edward VI, the horrific times under Bloody Mary I, and the ascent to the throne of perhaps the most famous female monarch of of all times, Queen Elizabeth I.

Mother Shipton was well known to her contemporaries.  Yet there was much mystery around her life starting with the fact that she was said to be born in a cave in North Yorkshire, England.  This gave her prophesies a mystic or eerie appeal.  Many of these prophesies occurred during her own lifetime. The common folk where afraid to speak her name for fear that the doom and gloom she spoke about would come to them as well. Because she was said to be so ugly and the strangeness of this young girl turned woman, the common folk feared her and thought she was a witch or sorceress.

Much of what is known about her was passed down by word of mouth thus leaving much room for embellishment.   These fabulous tales can be found here

She has fascinated people in every generation including ours and 50 books throughout the centuries have been written about her. These books recorded the sayings and prophesies of Mother Shipton.  A Joanne Waller wrote that Mother Shipton told her these prophesies; if so she would have heard them as a young girl.   

Mother Shipton was forced to publish her predictions in a coded rhyme because like Nostradamus, she did not want to be convicted of a crime and branded as a witch.

Mr Shipton died in 1561. On Mother Shipton’s gravestone it was engraved, "Here lies she who never lied, Whose skill so often has been tried Her prophecies shall still survive And ever keep her name alive."

There was a rare collection of Mother’s Shipton’s prophesies which were transcribe by a woman who rewrote the sayings and smuggled them out of the Mitchell Library, in Sydney, Australia . The originals were never released because they were considered unsuitable for public viewing because they contain predictions that affect our generation.

There was a book published stating that Mother Shipton wrote the world would end in 1881 it was proven to be a forgery. However, Mother Shipton does have future predictions that the world would end after cataclysmic events such as fire in the sky (comets or asteroids hitting the earth?) great floods (how about the tsunamis we have been experiencing/), and wars (well what else is new).  She speaks of the dragon; the Antichrist will reign on the earth and then the coming of the golden age. Click here for more.

Of all the end times prophets she is one of my favourites.


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